Collections Week


Discerning collectors, hmmm or hoarders, what sets the two apart, where do you draw the line?  Why do we collect things?

So here at MDF we can’t stop talking about the many collections we have had over the years.  Why do we acquire the pieces we have, why do we covet and curate these pieces, why do we have such strong attachments to all of these things?  Are we true collectors or are we really hoarders???

This week we are doing our posts on collection, curating  and curiosities. 

We wanted to switch it up this week and share some of our collections along with some other impressive collections we’ve had the pleasure of seeing and learning about.  So here we go…

Please tell us if are you a discerning collector or are you a hoarder, we would love to hear.  Enjoy!







Modern Day Forager


4 thoughts on “Collections Week

  1. My parents told my sister and I when we were younger to choose things to collect – I chose Pandas and my sister chose Penguins….we have lovely collections from our travels, gifts from family and friends and each of them have a story…. – and well now I hoard, I mean collect, bike related items!

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