An Introduction


What do you get when you put together 2 chefs with modern sensibilities, inspired by ingredients, love for the hunt, verve for culture, travel comings and goings, beautiful aesthetic and good design?  Not to mention, a fondness for good story telling and deep devotion for great food?  Well, you get Modern Day Forager!

We are proud to be sharing our blog with you.  Every week we will be bringing you 5 seasonal recipes using one ingredient in many a different ways, along with featuring some tips and culinary conundrums.  The more you know about your food the better  it tastes.

Found is our favorite weekly finds. We know that its all about the details, so our list has the top must-haves. MDF Shop Girl will lead the way.


Modern will also highlight culture, travel insights, beautiful aesthetic and good design.

And if that wasn’t enough, Meet the Producers is our makers series, celebrating artisans who focus on plying, honing and honoring their craft.  We get to tell their story, from who produced it, where is was produced, and the how and why it was produced.

Traci and I have been working in the food business for many years and want to share our admiration for it, from all angles, because for us, all roads lead to food.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  We are excited you are here!


Modern Day Forager