Happy Memorial Day from Modern Day Forager


We want to wish you a Happy Memorial Day from Modern Day Forager.  We would like to thank all the men and women in uniform &  veterans that have given of their lives to make ours safer.  Please remember our freedom is not free.  We are not going to be posting a recipe today.  The fun will begin again tomorrow.   If you haven’t guessed from the photos we will be bringing you all things tomatoes this week.

We hope you get to spend your day enjoying good food and wonderful company, they always go well together.

Modern Day Forager


FOUND for Zucchini Week

A few of our favorite finds for this week.


$88 marcybutlerdesigns.com

My favorite shop girl find this week, this Marcy Butler Apron, the Elizabeth brings me back to a simpler time and would make a glamorous addition to any collection.  For us at Modern, the devil is in the details and this has all that, with European style and sophistication.  Whether cooking, gardening, or entertaining this apron is sourced from fine Italian Linen, has deep pockets and is machine washable.


 Images from marcybutlerdesigns.com

Brooklyn Slate Company

Special Edition Slate Cheese Board

$34 brooklynslate.com

Loving these hand sourced, small batch dramatic rough-hewn edge cheese boards.  Made from a family quarry in upstate New York, these special edition boards are the quintessential backdrop for artisan cheese, sashimi, sushi or small bites.  It comes with cool soapstone chalk for labeling.


Image from brooklynslate.com

Relish This!

$7 sunshinefoodco.com

Giving back yard condiments a run for their money, Relish This is sweet, tangy and bright.  Made with zucchini, sweet peppers and onions this relish is packed-full of flavor and a true local favorite here in town.   We love spreading on big fat juicy burgers, adding it as a pop of freshness to chicken salad or simply topped on charred hot dogs.  Our go-to picnic provision.


Image from sunshinefoodco.com



For over 200 years Sussex craftsman have honed their skills making these gorgeous traditional garden Trugs and now we our featured on our found list.  Sourced locally from nearby forests, these wooden vessels have a great look and design.  Perfect for your farmers’ market produce, flowers or prop with fruit as a centerpiece.


Image from amazon.com

Pickled perfect

WECK 742 – 1/2 L Mold Jar

Includes: 6 jars, 6 glass lids, 6 rings & 12 clamps

Height: 4 1/8″ opening: 3 7/8″ volume: 19.6 fl. oz

$19 – weckjars.com

At MDF we can’t stop talking about how much we love working with these German made soda lime glass jars.  They fill and empty with ease and convenience while preserving your favorite conserves or marmalades and are stackable too.  Makes canning a real treat.  A must have for your pantry and a tribute to this time honored method and the good old days of a jam session.