about us

We are a collective with an awakened commitment to our food movement and a connection to the land, to go back to our roots, bring back traditions, on the pursuit to find resources, information, found objects, new cultures, travel and cultivate community in our own backyard or wherever the hunt, the find or the get might be. 


About Heather –

I wear so many hats during my day.  Here are just a few:

1.  Culinary trained chef (I went to Western Culinary School in Portland, Oregon.)

2  Food Photographer (I went to Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.)

3. Photo editor (Edible Phoenix.)

4.  Recipe tester (yes, we test & eat all the recipes!)

5.  Mom (I have a 9 year old.)

6.  Wife (almost 17 years!)

7.  Photo stylist (I really just play, Traci is the real stylist here.)

8.   Sister (I have 4 younger sisters!)

9.  Friend (I have the very best friends in THE world!  Without them this blog wouldn’t have happened.) 

I am truly blessed to be working with some of the best people in the food world.  Between Traci, Rj and myself, we have over 80 years of experience in the food business.  It is our pleasure to bring this to you every week.  You can reach me personally at heather@heathergillphotography.com. You can follow me on Pinterest here.


About Traci –

  1. Proud mother of two children.
  2. My culinary cred, classically trained chef & food stylist.  Art Institute of Phoenix and CIA in New York.
  3. Local food and community advocate.
  4. I have a refined sense of style.
  5. My food philosophy focuses on flavor, method and time-honored traditions.  Made the old fashion way, in small batches from scratch.
  6. I have a love affair with food, feeding people and breaking bread.
  7. I adore the smell of old newsprint and a good cup of coffee.
  8. Happiest when I have fresh cut flowers and hear my kids laughing.
  9. Love hearing a great story.
  10. I live for the hunt, the get, the find.
  11. Count the minutes until my next journey.
  12. You can reach me at traci@theurbantable.com.


About Rj –

This is what made me…ME!

  1. Two sets of amazing twins (3 boys and a girl.)
  2. Growing up in Chicago, cooking all over this incredibly diverse country.
  3. A grandmother’s kitchen table full of love and wonderful food.
  4. Eating great meals all over the world.
  5. An insatiable appetite to never stop learning and growing.
  6. Failure…success…more failure.
  7. Being surrounded by the most talented people I know.
  8. Listening!
  9. NO FEAR!
  10. High tolerance for pain!
  11. Low tolerance for stupid!
  12. Great schools, University of Wisconsin, Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Kitchens, so many kitchens, & hard knocks.
  13. Slowfood, The Ark of Taste.
  14. Italy!
  15. The love of tradition.
  16. Competitive fire.
  17. Watching!
  18. Books!
  19. You can reach me at rj@theurbantable.com.

You can follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, we would love to see you there too!

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2 thoughts on “about us

  1. Can’t wait to go visit in San Francisco! I live in Santa Fe but I am French where we drink Prosecco with creme de Violette…..Where in this world could I find a bottle without having to go back to France????? Please help?
    Bonne Annee a toutes!

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